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I believe the Universe puts people in our life who act like angels, guiding and encouraging us throughout our pathway in life. Martha and Alexandra are my ‘Guardian Angels’. They have been my support in many situations and keep me going when I feel things are falling apart. Their energetic soul and wisdom make them very unique! They have gained a special place in my heart.


USA, Assisted Living for the Elderly Administrator and Owner

Before I started working with Martha and Alex on their private mentoring program, I had deep anger and regret towards my mother. Now, I have learned how to deal with it better and also how much I still needed to let go of my past and past events. I recommend you work with Martha and Alex for your best mother-daughter relationship!


Switzerland, Founder and Artist at Pipari Art

With Martha and Alexandra I had the great opportunity to start a new journey with my two-year- old daughter and efficiently apply their valuable tools. Their distinctive approach is very inspiring and allows you to reach your authentic self by getting more confident in co-creating your precious and durable bonding relationship. There is no best age to start nurturing your mother-daughter relationship.


Switzerland, Entrepreneur and Lifestyle Coach

Trabajo en el programa de mentoría con Martha y Alexandra desde hace algunos meses y me ha empezado a cambiar totalmente la vida, sobretodo la relación con mi madre. Mi caso es complejo porque tengo una madre adoptiva y una madre biológica. Me adoptaron a la edad de tres semanas en Colombia por una pareja de suizos.

Mi situación era difícil porque no tenía ninguna conexión con mi mamá adoptiva. A pesar de que ella vive fuera del país, para mí ha sido siempre difícil hablar de temas profundos. Desde que he encontrado a Martha y Alex, mi relación con mi mamá se ha vuelto muy agradable. Me siento muy relajada al relacionarme con ella, el ambiente entre nosotras ha mejorado un 80% y mi forma de ser también. Me he vuelto mucho más positiva, contenta y el rencor que tenía desapareció. Todavía estoy trabajando en eso pero me siento mucho mejor y me siento muy feliz de poder hacer esto y seguir haciéndolo.

Espero que muchas otras mamás e hijas tengan la oportunidad de trabajar con Martha y Alex porque es algo muy valioso ya que familia es familia para toda la vida. Lo recomiendo de todo corazón!


Switzerland, Founder and Dancer at identityDance

I have been working with Martha and Alex for the last three months now and since our first talk, there has been a huge change in the relationship with my 11-year-old daughter and I know it will continue for the better. My beliefs regarding the relationship with my mom have also come up and I have realized and accepted what’s holding me back in my life as a result.

The first time I met Martha and Alex, I was curious to know if they ever fight because their relationship looks so perfect. When they told me “Yes, of course!”, I was relieved to hear I’m not the only one going through difficulties in my mother-daughter relationship and that there is another way to look at conflicts and how to resolve them.

The sessions I’ve done with both Martha and Alex, and especially the ones where we are the three of us, have been extremely insightful as I get the perspective from a mother and a daughter. Listening to Alex has really helped me understand what my daughter is going through and how to best approach her in each situation.

With kids is hard to know what will come, because one thing is now and in five or ten years is something else. I’m grateful to be able to share this journey with Martha and Alex.


Croatia, Head Coach and Club Manager at Archery Club Samobor

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