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Do you often feel…

Like you are unable to express yourself openly with each other as Mother and Daughter?

Frustrated because you are being misunderstood or unheard?

Mistrusted or even unvalued?

Imagine how powerful it would be like to discover new ways of connecting, communicating and bonding with each other on a deeper level.

We know this can be challenging and as a Mother and Daughter ourselves, we understand.

It wasn’t always easy for us to communicate with ease and grace and to love each other unconditionally. It took a lot of inner work, commitment, accountability and mostly, letting go of our old stories for us to be in the Now with one another.

Are you ready to release and let go of old stories that are no longer serving you and your relationship?

Are you ready to be in the Now with one another, look at each other as a true spirit and accept each other for who you truly are?

Are you ready to Unleash the Power of Your Mother-Daughter Relationship?

Like Mother Like Daughter runs a variety of events throughout the year, where Mothers and Daughters can rediscover the power of their own relationship as we explore and navigate through concepts and practical exercises.

Our community is a safe place where you are empowered to fully be yourself as you share your Mother-Daughter experiences.

Together we embrace our growth to lead and transform ourselves and our relationships through love, bonding trust and respect.

Oksana & Sophia



Giselle & Rachel

And discover how to…

  • Open your heart to experience a new way of relating to yourself and your Mother/ Daughter
  • Become an effective communicator in revealing your feelings
  • Empower one another to balance individuality and closeness
  • Set realistic expectations in your Mother-Daughter relationship

  • Nurture your relationship using our proven 7-Step BONDING Framework

We will laser focus on these challenges and you will leave with a plan that works for you and your relationship!

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“Unleash the Power of Your Mother-Daughter Relationship so that you can Connect Deeply, Communicate Fully and Bond Truly with one another.”

Martha & Alexandra

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