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Martha & Alexandra

Europe’s Leading Communication Experts in Mother-Daughter Relationship

Martha & Alexandra
Like Mother Like Daughter was born out of a desire to share the joy and wealth of our own relationship with other Mothers and Daughters for them to embrace and experience the reward of this genuine relationship.

We envision a world where every Mother and every Daughter will connect, communicate and bond with each other, not only to better themselves for themselves, but for the world.

“It’s not about communicating with our own Mother or Daughter, it’s about communicating with the world.”

Martha & Alexandra
Martha and Alexandra, Mother and Daughter in Life and Business, are Europe’s Leading Communication Experts for Mothers and Daughters who want to Rediscover the Power of their own Relationship for a meaningful, lasting Bond.
Originally from Latin America, Colombian born natives living in Switzerland today, Martha and Alexandra have lived and travelled globally for the last 20 years filling the hearts of thousands of women with memorable moments.

They have contributed solutions and healed Mother-Daughter relationships as they take their mentees on a powerful journey, from emotional absence to mutual presence and acknowledgement, using their proven 7-Step Bonding Framework.

Our Partners

Our Partners

“I believe the Universe puts people in our life who act like angels, guiding and encouraging us throughout our pathway in life. Martha and Alexandra are my ‘Guardian Angels’. They have been my support in many situations and keep me going when I feel things are falling apart. Their energetic soul and wisdom make them very unique! They have gained a special place in my heart.”

Adriana, USA, Assisted Living for the Elderly Administrator and Owner

“We want to create change –one Mother, one Daughter at a time, for future generations to come.”

Martha & Alexandra

Unleash The Power Of Your Mother-Daughter Relationship

Martha Bernal


Founder of Like Mother Like Daughter
Fortunate to have grown up in an entrepreneurial family, Martha benefited greatly from her father’s vision. Being her first life mentor, he taught her the art of being passionate and determined. She mirrored his way of putting his heart, mind, and soul into even the smallest actions to experience that everything in life is possible when we believe.

At the age of 30 she became a proud Mother of one and promised herself that she would grow up together with her Daughter, empowering and learning from each other at every step of the way.

Today, she continues to evolve personally, professionally and spiritually to become the best version of herself and leave a legacy.

A creative, innovative and charismatic spirit, Alexandra has been investing in her personal and professional development for the past ten years.

In her entrepreneurial journey, she understood at an early stage the importance of finding the right business partner, who not only cherished her strengths, but who also complemented her weaknesses to create a strong shared vision.

“Once I identified my purpose in life, the only person I could imagine working alongside was my Mother,” she says. “We are a dream team and I couldn’t be prouder of who we are becoming!”



Co-Founder of Like Mother Like Daughter

“We are out in the world learning from and working with world class mentors, coaches and speakers to best serve your needs in your Mother-Daughter relationship.”

Martha & Alexandra

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