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Do you want to feel understood by your Mother or your Daughter?

Do you want to express your feelings openly with each other?

Do you want to feel trusted and valued in your relationship?

Change doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a consistent process.

It’s the action steps we take on a regular basis that bring about change in our life and therefore in our Mother-Daughter relationship.

“Becoming aware of what is happening in your relationship is the first step towards mutual growth.”

Martha & Alexandra

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Our vision is to create a world where healthy conversations will fulfill a bond between Mothers and Daughters for future generations to come.

How Our Story Began…


“When I was ten years old, I told myself that if I would ever become a Mother I would grow side-by-side with my child. Today, I cherish that naïve thought of mine and is what Alexandra has mostly appreciated throughout her life.”


“Growing side-by-side with my Mother has given me the opportunity to identify her unique gift. The clarity of her words and the power of her actions brought us to where we stand today. My Mother has meant to be not only a Mom, but also a guiding voice and leading example.”

“Today, we are Mother and Daughter, Best Friends & Business Partners.”

As Mother & Daughter, We Believe…

  • Love is abundance even if we are apart
  • Constant gratitude fills our hearts on grey days
  • When we see each other’s happiness, it keeps our souls alive
  • Even if we make mistakes, we accept and not judge
  • Respect is one key to a lasting Mother-Daughter relationship
  • Our purpose in life is to lead through trust and be the example to all Mothers and Daughters for future generations to come

…This Is Our Calling!

“Feel connected. Open your heart and experience a new way of relating!”

Martha & Alexandra

Our mission is to help mothers and daughters who want to have a meaningful relationship and better communication with each other, but are frustrated because they don’t know-how.

We take our clients on a powerful journey, from emotional absence to mutual presence and acknowledgement, using our proven 7-Step BONDING Framework so that they can Connect Deeply, Communicate Fully and Bond Truly with one another.

The Like Mother Like Daughter Community is growing in size and also in value. It is a safe place where you are empowered to fully be yourself as you share your mother-daughter experiences.

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“Time flies –don’t let life pass you by before letting her know how much she means to you.”

–Martha & Alexandra

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